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Print on Demand Drinkware with Digital on Demand

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Print on demand drinkware is the latest trend to hit the print on demand market. Once saturated by t-shirts, drinkware offers an entirely new canvas for your artist’s original work not to mention the sustainability benefits. In this article, Digital on Demand will take you through the Guide to Print on Demand Drinkware.

What process is used in print on demand drinkware?

When discussing print on demand drinkware, there are a few processes to consider. First, is the most common but less customizable which is sublimation.

Sublimation utilizes sublimation paper with a specialized polyester coating and a heating unit to embed the image or graphic into the drinkware piece. This is especially popular for printing on mugs because the mugs are coated with a polyester coating. Keep in mind that sublimation only works with those products that have a polyester coating. Attempting this method on any other substrate (stainless steel, plastics, etc.) will not work because of the lack of polyester.

The more modern method of achieving full-color, seamless graphics on all kinds of print on demand drinkware is digital printing. Specifically, Helix printing is the process of inkjet printing directly onto stainless steel tumblers, sports bottles, pint glasses and more. Not only does this method allow for printing on a variety of vessel types, it also greatly simplifies the production process by removing additional steps that ultimately slow down getting orders out the door.

Digital Print on Demand Drinkware

How does digital print on demand drinkware work?

Helix printing works by selecting the artwork to be printed, placing the product into the machine, and then hitting print. Once inside the machine, extremely small droplets of ink in the pattern C-M-Y-K are laid down in a way that mirrors the image on the computer screen. All while this is happening, the UV light is curing the ink so that it sticks directly to the substrate. Once the machine has completed its process, the bottle will come out the machine. It is completely dried and ready for shipping.

Any type of post-print processes are unnecessary with this style of printing. If the product is particularly difficult to get ink to stick to, the operator will apply some sort of pre-treatment to the product before printing. There are combinations of pre-treatment and inks that are outlined by the printing company.

Digital on Demand Print on Demand Fulfillment

The pros of digital print on demand drinkware

Kick Ass Graphics & Free Range for Creativity

First and foremost, digital print on demand drinkware offers kick ass graphics. The ability to recreate an artist’s original work identically on a reusable drinkware piece is incredible. When it comes to print on demand drinkware, the quality of the print is key. There is just no other process that compares to the amazing graphics digital printing achieves. Not only will this process print amazing graphics, but the artist is able to use the surface of the product as part of their art. You do not need to completely fill a stainless steel tumbler’s canvas, you can use the background as a design element. From logos to full coverage graphics to seamless art, digital printing is the ideal solution.

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Ability to Decorate Numerous Vessel Types

You are no longer tied to mugs! Although an excellent gift, drinkware has gone through such a makeover over the past 10 years. With the addition of tumblers that keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours or cold drinks cold for 24 hours, the way drinkware is used every day has completely changed. For outdoor adventurists, a well insulated, sealed tumbler or water bottle is perfect for a full day outside. This same tumbler is great for someone who is always on the go. On the flip side, drinkware can make an elegant gift for loved ones or even party favors. All in all, digital printing accepts practically any bottle type for any type of consumer.

Durability for a Lasting Impression

Finally, with digital printing, durability is key. Digital printing sometimes requires a mix of pre-treatment methods to ensure optimal adhesion. This process is done before printing and is crucial. For this reason, it is important to work with a company that is heavily vested in these techniques.

Print on Demand Drinkware with Digital on Demand

Digital on Demand offers a seamless journey from popular eCommerce platforms to a well-designed, beautiful piece of drinkware art. Our eCommerce order fulfillment process begins in the hands of the eCommerce platform. Simply add our API to your shop and let us do the work. We source, print and deliver flawlessly printed drinkware pieces that will have customers coming back for more.

Our Print on Demand Drinkware

Digital on Demand offers numerous high-end stock drinkware pieces that can easily be added to your storefront. The Adventure Tumbler, Vogue Water Bottle, Chug Pint Glass, Wine Tumbler and the Groovy Acrylic cup have all been chosen based on current market trends and future trends as well. Each can be full designed with any artwork.

Our Commitment to Quality

We are committed to ensuring top quality before sending the printed products out the door. After each drinkware piece has been printed, a separate QC process takes place. This involves not only monitoring the print itself to verify that it is up to our quality standards, but we also ensure the piece is printed with the correct artwork. After this step, the vessels are securely wrapped and packaged to be sent out.

Contact Digital on Demand to add this new product line to your online store!

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